Students Face Consequences of Drinking and Driving

KAIMUKI (KHNL) - It's a starling fact, teenage "drunken driving", is responsible for about "one in every four" motor vehicle crashes. To make that statistic come to life, students at Kaimuki High School today put together Oahu's first ever "Mock Car Crash."

Beer bottles set the stage, then sirens. The aftermath of underage drinking and driving.

Students watch the consequences unfold, on a street they use daily.

"Mock Car Crash is an opportunity for us to use a stage that is real, and a stage that is used by our community daily," said Kaimuki High School Faculty member Kaleo Akim.

Real life emergency responders participated, hoping that the students will get the message, loud and clear.

"Its really teaching," said junior Chelsea McKee. Its really showing teenagers like myself what really happens drinking and driving and how many lives can be lost."

As "mock" victim Traci Tanaguchi lays "dead" in the street, her father watches from behind police lines. Its all a bit "too" real for him.

"Its hard seeing her lying on the ground, to be honest with you. Its like, it just looks too real."

The production ends with with the medical examiner bagging the victim's bodies, while police apprehend the underage drunken driver, responsible for the crash.

"It really is a huge issue for teens, and that they should look at this and want to stop this because no one wants any of their friends to die," said McKee.

Its a lesson the students say they wont forget, anytime soon. Counselors were on hand to help students deal with the events they witnessed during "Mock Car Crash." Two other Oahu high schools are planning "mock car crash's" of their own.