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Reactions to the Kamehameha Schools Settlement

Rep. Mazie Hirono in April Rep. Mazie Hirono in April
Gov. Linda Linle in April Gov. Linda Linle in April
Sen. Daniel Inouye in June 2006 Sen. Daniel Inouye in June 2006
Sen. Daniel Akaka in January Sen. Daniel Akaka in January
Dee Jay Mailer in December 2006 Dee Jay Mailer in December 2006

(KHNL) - Full statements from the Hawaii congressional delegation  and school officials regarding the settlement in the case of a non-Hawaiian student who was refused admission to Kamehameha School.

I'm extremely pleased with today's settlement.  This means this legal case is over and the school's admissions policy stands.

Our Congressional delegation filed an amicus brief in support of Kamehameha Schools urging the Supreme Court NOT to review the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling upholding the admissions policy and restating our position that Native Hawaiians are indigenous peoples, as are Alaska Natives and American Indians.

As a member of the House Education Committee, and a long-time proponent of quality education, I believe that, with this dismissal, Kamehameha Schools can focus on its mission to provide Hawaiian children educational opportunities and expand their programs to reach more beneficiaries. - Rep. Mazie Hirono

I believe Kamehameha Schools is perhaps the most important institution for preserving Hawaiian culture for future generations.  This case galvanized the Native Hawaiian and non-Native Hawaiian community and emphasized the importance of protecting programs that benefit Native Hawaiians.  While I am pleased a settlement has been reached in this case, Native Hawaiian programs will continue to be challenged, which is why it is so critical that the Akaka Bill be passed. - Gov. Linda Lingle

I was very please to learn of the settlement in the Kamehameha Schools case. I hope that Kamehameha Schools will now be able to carry forward its special mission and fulfill the dreams of Princess Pauahi. I am certain that the alii ai moku is smiling at this moment. - Sen. Daniel Inouye

I am pleased that both parties have resolved their differences.  But the matter of federal recognition for Native Hawaiians remains unresolved. I remain committed to working with my colleagues in Congress to enact legislation formalizing the existing legal and political relationship that Native Hawaiians have with the United States. - Sen. Daniel Akaka

This settlement protects our right to offer admissions preference to Native Hawaiians. The Circuit Court ruling stands - our legal right to offer preference to Hawaiian applicants is preserved. Our work to fulfill our mission and Pauahi's vision, on our campuses and in our communities, can proceed without distraction."

The settlement also preserves Judge William Fletcher's concurring opinion that Native Hawaiians have political status as an Indigenous people. Preserving this opinion is important, because it recognizes the Federal Government's obligation to the Native people of Hawaii and provides judicial support for programs that serve to promote and improve the well-being of the Hawaiian people. - J. Douglas Ing, chairman of the Board of Trustees, Kamehameha Schools

As a Native Hawaiian trust, we will stand strong with other organizations and individuals to protect our assets. And as an Educational institution, we will move ahead with speed and diligence to extend our reach into our communities to more Native Hawaiian children and families, as our Princess intended. We have made significant gains in the number of children and families we serve in the past year, and we are ready to do more. -  Dee Jay Mailer, Kamehameha Schools CEO

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