Aunty Genoa Takes a Mother’s Day Stroll Down Memory Lane

Aunty Genoa Keawe
Aunty Genoa Keawe
Eric Keawe
Eric Keawe

PAPAKOLEA (KHNL) - Aunty Genoa Keawe remembers her own mom Hattie on Mother's Day.

"She was a wonderful mother," said the legendary singer.

Her mom was always there for her when she started a family.

"She's always babysitting for me and taking care of the children while I go to work," said Aunty Genoa.

That allowed her to pursue her other passion.

"And you get to love the songs," said Aunty Genoa. "And when you sing, you get to sing it with that feeling of love. You understand the words."

Her son Eric says music flowed throughout his childhood.

"We'd always get together and pull out the guitars, and mom would pull out her ukulele," he said.

Aunty Genoa passed on the gift of music to the next generation.

"As the family grew, then the children started doing hula," said Eric Keawe. "The children started to sing and everything."

Even though she's 88 years old, Aunty Genoa never forgets to say those three special words.

"Every time when I see my children, I just tell them, 'I love you,'" she said.

Her children feel the same way.

"We try to tell you how much we love you, and really appreciate everything that you've done for all of us," said Eric Keawe. "And what a great example you are not only to us as a family, but to everyone."

A Mother's Day story: Hawaiian style.

Even in her late 80's, Aunty Genoa still commands an audience.  To find out where you can see her, and also hear an exclusive version of her singing a song called "Mom," click the link on this page.