Bikers Raise Money for Fallen Solo Bike Officer

David McShane
David McShane
Justin Watchman
Justin Watchman
Kenneth Thorton
Kenneth Thorton

Dozens of bikers ride through the streets of oahu in honor of a fallen officer. Sunday's memorial ride in Honolulu is just one service for fallen HPD solo bike officer Steve Favela.

Favela died last November, five days after crashing during President Bush's motorcade at Hickam Air Force Base. The 30-year old is one of 382 police officers across the nation who died in the line of duty last year. They are all being honored at a candlelight vigil in Washington DC.

Bikers in Honolulu held a charity ride, to raise money for Favela's wife and family. Most of the people there didn't even know him. They just felt as a fellow biker, it's the right thing to do.

These bikers are getting ready for a special Sunday cruise. It's Mother's day, and they're riding for two in particular -- the mother of fallen HPD officer Steve Favela, and his wife Barbara, the mother of Favela's four children.

"He has a wife, he has a mother, and he's not around for them, so hopefully as a community we can help them out in that way," said Dustin Watchman, organizer of Sunday's ride.

The bikers are giving donations, and accepting them, to donate to the Steve Favela fund.

"It was just something I felt we can't necessarily forget," said Watchman. "He is still a rider, you know, there's always a difference between the riders and police, but all in all, we're all riders and we're all trying to enjoy motorcycles."

They came from several different clubs from around the island.

"That's pretty cool," said David McShane, riding with his friend from Off the Lip. "That's some aloha spirit there."

The turnout is good, with about 50 bikers. It's even better when you hear that not one of them knew Favela personally.

"Being motorcyclists, accidents happen, so it's like a family," said David Thorton. "A big family where we all get together and ride. When one goes down, everybody feels it."

"Just to show some love for the riders and just the spirit of riding bikes on the island ," said McShane.

And now Favela will ride on, in spirit, in the hearts of all these bikers.

The bikers raised hundreds of dollars, but they say Sunday was about more than money. It was also about being there, coming together, and the aloha spirit.