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Man Accused of Killing Deputy Sheriff Attempts Escape

John Lorenzo in February John Lorenzo in February
Halawa Correctional Facility Halawa Correctional Facility
Deputy Daniel Browne -Sanchez Deputy Daniel Browne -Sanchez

By Beth Hillyer

HALAWA VALLEY (KHNL) - He's accused of killing a Deputy Sheriff in a botched robbery at Osake lounge.

Saturday night he's recovering at the hospital with two broken legs following a 40 foot fall during an attempted prison break Friday night around 9:00 PM.

John Lorenzo was out in the recreation area at Halawa's medium security facility when he managed to climb onto the roof. But his plan failed when he jumped off and fell some 40 feet.

He apparently hit so hard he left a deep footprint. The grass remains indented where Lorenzo landed and that's what alerted guards.

Warden Clayton Frank says they, "heard a loud thud sound and a moaning sound that alerted them."

The escape attempt, foiled.

"Fortunately for us when he made his jump he injured both his legs and his arms and needed to be taken to the hospital" explains Frank.

Because of his injuries he was unable to move and corrections officers grabbed him.

Back in February he was accused of killing 27-year old Deputy Sheriff Daniel Browne-Sanchez.

The warden tells News 8 Lorenzo is still being processed into the system and since he had no prior escapes or violent episodes in jail he was classified as a medium security inmate.

Now prison officials are looking into the attempted escape, "How he got to the rooftop is what we are investigating now. But at this time there is no information he used any device or bed sheet or anything like that to get there."

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