New Traffic Signal in Place

Sister John Joseph Gilligan
Sister John Joseph Gilligan

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The prayers of a Catholic school principal are finally answered. A new traffic signal is about to go into operation at a dangerous stretch of road near her school.

There have been several serious accidents there, as well as a lot of near misses on North King Street near Saint Teresa's.

The red light flashes on top of the new traffic signal there, hopefully signifying a stop to the dangers.

"I'm really thrilled," said Sister John Joseph Gilligan. "I'm sorry for the drivers that have to slow down because they're in a hurry to get someplace, but I'm thrilled for our senior citizens, our children and for all of the people that would be using this crosswalk."

Sister Gilligan says the residents, students, parishoners, and bus riders have been demanding for the signal for years.

"Before, traffic would just zoom by here," said Gilligan. "It is slowing down quite a bit, even stopping."

Some didn't stop. Last March, a 92-year old man was critically injured after a car hit him. Sister gilligan was there for that, and another time when a student was struck.

So she is grateful, but says there a minor adjustment could be made. Pedestrians can see the crossing signal, but can't see the stop light from the sidewalk.

"As I stand right here, to look at this light here, I can't see it at all because of the crosswalk sign," said Gilligan.

She hopes that can be addressed, but it just happy that pedestrians won't have dodge the oncoming traffic anymore.

"They'll feel comfortable knowing enough that they can get across the street," said Gilligan.

The new signal is scheduled to go into operation tuesday morning.

Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann says the signal is part of the city's effort to improve pedestrian safety, but urges both motorists and pedestrians to always be cautious.