Forever Stamp Good Investment for Many

Duke Gonzales, Postal Service
Duke Gonzales, Postal Service
Dan Yamane
Dan Yamane
Richard Sanchez
Richard Sanchez

AIRPORT (KHNL) -  It may very well be the last stamp you'll ever have to buy.

Next time you are at the post office you may want to consider investing in the Forever Stamp.

It used to be that a diamond was the only thing that lasts forever, but the post office is selling a new stamp that, believe it or not, lasts forever.

The line at the Airport post office is long as many beat the rate hike.

"Monday is the day of our rate change. The price of a first class stamp goes up to 41 cents, but we are also undergoing other changes in the way we handle mail," says Duke Gonzales, Postal Service.

On large packages you'll be charged based on the dimensions, not the weight.  And there is also a price decrease; envelopes over an ounce will drop from 63 cents to 58 cents.

Also new is the Forever Stamp.

"I'm here to buy $100 worth of Forever Stamps because that way we're protected against rate hikes in the future.  It's a good investment," says Dan Yamane, stamp buyer.

"The Forever Stamp is a great deal for those people who need to mail today and in the future," says Gonzales.

The stamp features the Liberty Bell, a symbol of American freedom. The Postal Service says this stamp frees you up from buying one- and two-cent stamps with future rate hikes.

"Well I think it's real convenient because it's gonna enable folks to buy stamps, and the way the rates have gone up repeatedly we kinda wonder when it's gonna stop," says Richard Sanchez, stamp buyer.

Buyers like the idea of a stamp lasting forever.

"We are going to use them eventually we always mail things out Christmas, New Years, Bills and we'll always have this on hand," says Yamane.

"Probably buy about five books and that will keep me in stamps for a few months so I don't have to stand in line," says Sanchez.

Some people in line were talking about giving the Forever Stamps away in goodie bags and as stocking stuffers at Christmas time. They say it's a gift everyone can use.