Motherly Advice from a Legendary Hawaiian Singer

PAPAKOLEA (KHNL) - A Hawaiian singing legend gets ready for Mother's Day. Aunty Genoa Keawe's career spans six decades. Her voice has touched millions of fans. Aunty Genoa Keawe said she owes everything to her mom.

"She's my everything," said the legendary Hawaiian singer. "I just love her so much."

Aunty Genoa and her husband raised twelve children.

"It's natural you love them, you know," she said. "I always see I get the best for them."

Even at 88 years old, Aunty Genoa still has her signature voice. Her son Eric said she gets plenty of practice calling after her grandson Ka'eo.

"She calls, 'Eric!' and he's not answering because that's not his name," said Eric Keawe. "And so she says, 'Eric!' and he looks up at her and says, 'Tutu, Eric is not home. I'm Ka'eo.'"

Aunty Genoa has passed on her love of music to her entire ohana. So on this Mother's Day, the family plans to honor their famous mom. She has this advice for Hawaii's children.

"Well, they should appreciate their mothers because their mothers really love them so much," she said. "I know because they'd do anything or everything for their children."

Even in her late 80's, Aunty Genoa is still performing. To find out where you can see her, and also hear an exclusive version of her singing a song called "Mom," click the link on this page.