Just Say Yes. . .To Drug Testing

It's not often that negotiations in Hawaii seem relatively benign.  After all, somebody is usually unhappy about something or trying to make "big body," and that usually sets the ball in motion for strike threats and disillusioned people on both sides of the table.  So, it was quite refreshing to see that the HGEA, UPW, and now the HSTA have ok'ed new contracts which include random drug testing.  Now don't get me wrong, many think that this potential invasion of privacy is heavy-handed and a constitutional infringement.

The private sector has lived a long time with some aspect of mandatory drug testing in place--often times as a pre-requisite for hiring--and if you're clean, which we should all hope is the preferred model, then this shouldn't be an issue.  If you disagree in principle, because you perceive that now Big Brother has the upper hand, perhaps this testing concern will give some people cause to avoid having a problem in the first place.  And if the procedures to help people who test positive one time are put into place, then this can become a win-win.  Often times, you get no second chances in the private sector.

And for those who still object and consider this punitive or heavy-handed, did it ever dawn on you that when a few people transgress, the real customers who pay for this adult problem are truly the most innocent--that would be the children, the students...  Think About It.