Missing Man Found

John and David Cepeda
John and David Cepeda
Robert Cepeda
Robert Cepeda

(KHNL) - A family from Saipan arrived on O'ahu today looking for their missing brother, and tonight they've been reunited with him.

Robert Cepeda was reunited with his brother about a half-hour after we featured him on our newscast at six.

John and David Cepeda came to Hawaii from Saipan to find their brother Robert.

He came to Hawaii to work as a mechanic and handyman two years ago.

They say, even after he lost his jobs and started living at Aala Park, he was always in contact with his family in Saipan.

They last heard from him on April 13th.

But tonight, that changed.

A friend saw Robert's photo on tonight's early newscasts and brought him to his brothers' hotel in Waikiki.

They tell us they are extremely happy and relieved to have found him.