Family Arrives from Saipan to Look for Missing Brother

David Cepeda
David Cepeda

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- They're not here for the sun and surf. Two brothers from Saipan are on Oahu, hoping to solve a mystery.

Their younger brother, who's been living in Honolulu, vanished nearly a month ago.

John and David Cepeda of Saipan are still recovering from their long flight. But they say they can't rest, not until they know what happened to their younger brother, Robert.

"I will try my best to stay as much as I can to find out more about my brother," David Cepeda, missing man's brother, said. "You know, and I wish I bring something back. It keeps me moving. Of course, I want to sleep. But it's hard."

He says 39-year-old Robert came to Hawaii to work as a mechanic and handyman two years ago.

Even after he lost his jobs and started living at Aala Park, he was always in contact with his family in Saipan. But no one's heard from him since April 13th.

"If he had problem, he will call us," David Cepeda said. "So I'm not saying, we don't know what happened to him. But something happened."

Investigators want to question 21-year-old Jerome Sakisat. He may have been the last one to see Robert Cepeda, and now can't be located.

"He is known to the family," Sgt. Kim Buffett, Crimestoppers, said. "He's been in contact with them, and he has related some information to the family that they found disturbing."

"He just said something happened to my brother, maybe something, he might be dead or something like that, to that point," John Cepeda, missing man's brother, said. "But we're not sure."

Robert is one of 13 siblings in the tight-knit Cepeda family.

"He won't stop until he gets what he wants," David Cepeda said. "And that's how I feel right now, like he wants me to find him or, you know, that's how I feel."

If you have any information about Robert Cepeda or Jerome Sakisat, call police.