Third Graders Write and Perform Opera

Erik Haines
Erik Haines

(KHNL) - Third graders at Waikele Elementary School re-define the concept of a school play. They spent six months producing an original opera.

For six months, they practiced and practiced for this once in a lifetime experience. What they learned is that hard work can be rewarding.

"It was very difficult, and once we got it all done, we were very happy and excited that we were going to do this in a play," said 3rd Grader Annabella Naipo.

This original opera came to fruition through Hawaii Opera Theatres' award winning education program which brings a residency to select schools each year. This year's project was a little unique.

"This particular production is different in that these kids also wrote all the words for the show. Usually we come in with already a product that we've already written for them," said Hawaii Opera Theatres' Erik Haines.

The theme for the opera was "Save the Habitats" which is what these one-hundred 3rd graders are learning about in the classroom.

"It's actually taking elements of the curriculum, that there bench marks that they are required to meet for the state D.O.E. standards and they've worked it into an arts project," said Erik Haines.

It was a project they aced, by proving they can do more than sing and act.

But that they care about the world they live in.