Softball Survivor

Alana Power
Alana Power
Bob Coolen
Bob Coolen
May 9, 2007 07:47 PM

MANOA (KHNL)- Right about now, its a great time to be a member of the Rainbow Wahine Softball Team.

49 wins, is the best ever total for the bows.

It's a run, almost passed over, by one of Hawaii's top guns.

The last time Hawaii won a wac title, was back in 2003.

2nd baseman Alana Power is the only holdover from that team.

Between then and now, she's seen it all.

She says, "I've been here for a century it feels. They call me aunty, they do tease me and sometimes I bend over, you know just the aches and pains of being older."

But Power's had to power thru a lot more than just aches and pains.

Her long list of injuries required elbow surgery and back surgery.

"I had a really difficult time, I gave up myself a lot and, riding the bench is one of the most humbling experiences an athlete can go through."

According to her coach, Bob Coolen, "As an 18-19 year old, you react to not playing in a different manner, it like a I'm leaving I don't see myself playing a significant role."

"I had to learn what was important to the team was not necessarily what I wanted, and luckily I did I stuck it out, because I was very close to just saying done."

But Power did not pack it up.

What she did, was hunker down.

And this year, the senior out of Kealakehe has started everyone of Hawaii's 54 games so far this season.

"Coach Coolen has this clipboard in the dugout that says who's starting for each game, and for the first time in my life power was at 2nd base and I was just so ecstatic."

And as the last holdover from Hawaii's last WAC title team...

"I've been trying to promote that feeling of going to regionals and winning the WAC. Its such a neat feeling and I'm so lucky to be living it again in my final year."