State Launches Highway Safety Program

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Buckle up if you drive, wear a helmet if you ride, and show aloha on the roads. That's the message from Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona, state transportation officials, and Honolulu police.

This month, two highway safety programs will get underway.

The Click It or Ticket seat belt enforcement campaign will begin May 21st. Officials say Hawaii's seat belt use was about 92% last year.

The D2 Designated Driver program will also start this month. Nearly 70 bars and clubs across the state participate.

"If someone comes up to them in the establishment and they say I am the designated driver, then they get free drinks," Aiona said. "No, not booze. Water and soft drinks."

The Lieutenant Governor also signs a proclamation kicking off motorcycle safety awareness month. There were 30 motorcycle deaths in Hawaii in 2005, a 43% jump from the year before.