Kahuku High and Intermediate Reopen

KAHUKU (KHNL) - After being closed for nearly a week, Kahuku High and Intermediate will open Thursday.

So today, students hung out at the beach and the skate park.

"I don't want to go back it's fun it is like a little vacation," says student Mic Gerald.

For six days, they've had no school.

The campus closed last Thursday after several students and staff fell ill from a chemical odor.

Since then, the school underwent a cleaning, was determined free of contaminants by a toxicologist, and will reopen Thursday.

"We both trust the principal because they wouldn't send us back if there is a chance of us getting sick," says students Kiki Sainz and Pen Anderson.

But others aren't as sure.

"I'm just kind of scared there's still going to be some pesticides there," says student Kizo Anderson.

Another student Justin Johnson says, "I don't want to get reactions. Some people were vomiting and stuff. I am afraid to go back."

What made them staff sick is still a mystery.

So far, an investigation reveals employees at a sod farm next door, had been spraying a pesticide at the time the students and staff got sick.

State officials are still waiting for results from samples taken last week.

"If they don't know where it's coming from it could happen again, and that is a little scary," says Kiki Sainz.

The state says it's expecting to receive the results in about two weeks.