Roadwork Causes Backlog on Oahu Highway

Juan Gonzales
Juan Gonzales

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The latest traffic nightmare on Oahu is on a stretch of Nimitz Highway that's typically busy during rush hour.

But lately, it's been a parking lot even during business hours.

Crews are doing roadwork and closing two lanes.

"Just gotta deal with the traffic, everyday," said Nelson Davis, driver.

One reason for the daily traffic is drivers who try to get onto Pacific Street create a backlog on Nimitz.

"I don't like that anytime in the day during business hours you're going in any direction you can't go more than a block within several minutes," said Bob Smith, driver.

So crews work to improve the traffic flow on Pacific Street by installing left-turn signal lights, which means lane closures.

"It's kind of rough right now but you cannot help when they gotta fix the road, ah?" said Davis.

It's been so bad, Wednesday, a police officer helped direct traffic.

Many drivers wonder why crews have to do this during such a busy time of the day. They say it makes traffic worse.

"Take so long to go here and there. I don't know they gotta do something else," said Juan Gonzales, driver.

Transportation officials say they need a permit to work during the evening, but getting that permit would've taken several more months, so they decided not to do that. Some drivers understand.

"Just gotta deal with the traffic, cannot do nothing about it," said Davis.

The project should wrap up by the end of July.