Second Letter by Sistine Rangamar

Sistine Rangamar
Sistine Rangamar

(KHNL) -

Transcript of a letter witten by Sistine Rangamar that was sent to KHNL News 8. Rangamar is a supect in the January 15 murder of Ted Arifuku.

*To the Press:
-  and, to the World*

*Letter of TRUTH and APOLOGY*


Today, Before I say anything, I would like to take this time to Sincerely In My Heart Apologize (I am so so Sorry) to thy Arifuku Family for their LOSS and for the Kidnapping, Robbery and Murder of the Late Sir Ted Arifuku, and In Heaven I'll be your Humble Servant Under God.

So Today would be thy most Beautiful Day for Our Lord Jesus Christ, because I met this "Changed Man", my roommate John R. McMillen, who I Don't even know and said "Humble Yourself," Speak the TRUTH," FOR THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE," Why he said it? Because I was going to try and Lie my way out of this Crimes, "for Satan had his Claws in Me"!

So, In closing this letter, I would like to take tis time to thank Jesus Christ "Our Lord and Savior" for sending My Brother in Christ John R. McMillen, for he Baptized me (Matthew 28:18-20) into Christianity and I know for a fact "In Faith, Hope and LOVE," LOVE being thy Graetest of them all, John R. McMillen is a "Changed Man", and "Yes," So am I."

In Jesus Christ's Beautiful name Thank You Father God. AMEN

Coming Together is a Beginning, Keeping Together is Progeress, Working Together is a Success."

*Sincerely Your Humble Servant,*
*Sistine M. Rangamar*


*Witness By:*
John R. McMillen


*M-3, SID #A0168309*