First Letter by Sistine Rangamar

Sistine Rangamar
Sistine Rangamar

(KHNL) - Transcript of a letter witten by Sistine Rangamar that was sent to KHNL News 8. Rangamar is a supect in the January 15 murder of Ted Arifuku.


* "Letter of TRUTH" *


Good Morning to the Grand Jury, Honorable Judge Polluck and State Prosecutor and above all "God."

I stand here before all and in God's presence with me.  I believe that all of us in this World are Sinners.  I do not say this for all to pity me, but believe that somewhere in our lives we have sinned.

Today, God gave me the strength and courage to stand before all and Plead Guilty to the Murder, Robbery, and Kidnapping of the Late Sir Ted Arifuku.  I'd like to also take this time in God's presence to ask the family of the Late Sir ARifuku to forgive me in their Hearts and that I take full responsibility of the charges.

In closing this letter I'd like to Thank God for granting me the "Serenity" to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the differences.  In Jesus name I pray, Father let your will, not mine, be done AMEN

Second Night of Sistine's Life being a newborn Christian.  I Thank God above all and I Thank my Brother John R. McMillen for helping God in finding me.  "God is Good, God is Great forever we endure "Faith, Hope and Most Powerful LOVE!

"I'll see you soon my Brother John R. McMillen

*Sincerely, *


Sistin M. Rangamar

*M-3 SID#A1057889*

*Witness By:*

John R. McMillen


*M-3. SID#A0165309*