Suspect Comes To KHNL To Confess To Murder

Sistine Rangamar
Sistine Rangamar

KALIHI (KHNL) -- A murder suspect comes to KHNL News 8 to make a shocking confession. He's accused in the killing of a man in a Honolulu apartment earlier this year. Now, Sistine Rangamar comes clean.

It's a jailhouse interview you'll see Only on 8.

Escorted by a prison guard, a shackled murder defendant shuffles his way toward us and drops a bombshell.

"I was there. I was involved in it," Sistine Rangamar said.

In an exclusive interview with KHNL News 8, Rangamar confesses to his involvement in the kidnapping, robbery and killing of a 58-year-old man in a studio apartment on Kapiolani Boulevard January 15th.

"I am so, so sorry to the Arifuku family for their loss," he said.

Curtis Brooks is the co-defendant in the case. Rangamar says he and Brooks smoked crystal methamphetamine before heading to Ted Arifuku's apartment to rob him.

"I was more like a lookout for him," Rangamar said. "I thought he was a trusted friend, and I thought he, you know, we was going be in and out of there just getting money."

He says he goes into the unit after Brooks, and finds Arifuku on the ground. He admits he doesn't do anything to help the dying man.

"In the beginning, he was still alive but unconscious," Rangamar said. "And I just, I was just not thinking at that point because I was addicted to drugs."

Both defendants are at the Oahu Community Correctional Center awaiting trial. In a letter of apology, Rangamar says his new relationship with God motivates him to take responsibility.

"I was going to try and lie my way out of this crimes for Satan had his claws in me," he read.

He says the murder happened on his birthday. The 27-year-old is now prepared to spend many more birthdays locked up.

"I've wanted to take that because I want to spend my whole time with God, learning the Bible," he said.

Rangamar's attorney told us he won't comment until he has a chance to talk to his client. The suspect chose to speak with us without his lawyer present.