Author Swims to Shore After Shark Bite

Peller Marion
Peller Marion

MAUI (KHNL) - 63 year old Peller Marion of Marin County, California was swimming in the waters off South Maui thought she had been bumped by a turtle.

But she knew better.

"And I turned around and I saw this big grey thing and I thought oh s**t and I started kicking and going in the other direction. I think the shark was also turning around and going in the opposite direction" said Marion.

Now the author of three books has a new story to tell her friends back home.

What's believed to be a 14-foot tiger shark took a large chunk out of Marion's right foot and calf.

It happened just as she set out to swim in her favorite spot.

On a day where she described the water as being both calm, and clear.

"I was really frightened" said Marion. "I know I swallowed some water and I pulled myself together and said head for the shore".

Marion says she struggled to the shoreline where she yelled shark. At first she says others on the beach thought she was joking. But then they saw the blood.

Marion says she and her husband have been visiting Maui two to three times a year since 1993. She also says they'll keep coming back, and she'll probably swim in her favorite again.

"I'm not there yet with my psyche" said Marion. "But I'll probably swim there again. I love this place".