Wyland Paints a Plane


HONOLULU (KHNL) - Acclaimed environmental artist "Wyland" is working on another canvas, right here in Honolulu.

He says it is one of the most valuable surfaces he's ever painted, a one-hundred million dollar canvas.

Tuesday morning, Wyland told us about a project that's been a secret, until now.

After his announcement on radio station, KAIM, "The Fish," Wyland gave us an exclusive first look at his latest work of art, a 737 aircraft.

"The unique thing about painting on the side of an airplane its not a whole lot different than painting on a canvas or a wall, but its real challenging to follow these lines of this aircraft, and it makes the whale look 3 dimensional."

He's committed to raising awareness, and hopes his work will make a difference.

"Ii felt that art can play an important role in conservation. of clean water, healthy oceans, and these beautiful oceans that we love."

A humpback whale, spinner dolphins, and a hawaiian monk seal are just a few of the featured marine mammals.

"All these animals are based on me diving with animals here in Hawaii and swimming with the honu and seeing these beautiful coral reefs. Hawaii has some of the most beautiful animals in the ocean."

Wyland says some of his massive murals have taken six weeks to complete, but he finished this one in only two days, and it's scheduled to be in the air, Wednesday.