Hair Today, Give Tomorrow

Where do you go when you're down, when you're scared, when you need a boost?  Where do you go when the prognosis might not be great, when you feel too mortal too often?  Well, for many cancer patients, one answer is Salon 808 on Kapiolani Boulevard.  That's where Henry "Hanalei" Ramirez and his styling wizards provide over 500 cancer patients a year with a new look--a new outlook--through their styling of wigs into new hairdos.

Coping with the loss of one's hair is one of the most visual side effects of radiation or chemotherapy treatment.  It can affect self-esteem, cause personal discomfort, and frankly, scare some people.  That's what the survivors told us last Sunday at a great fundraising fashion show and hula luncehon.

What can you do?  Simple, go down to Salon 808 and make a donation--$15 is the wholesale cost of a wig, and Hanalei and his team use their discretion when needy people simply can't seem to afford yet one more cost.  Watching the survivors stroll down the fashion runway, beaming in their wigs during the classy show that Salon 808 put on last week was a chicken skin, surreal moment.  Lots of tears for beautiful people surrounded by family and friends, hair and all.  Yes, you can be a giving angel, bring some joy, and help some people feel better as they hopefully get better.  Make a difference and use your head to cover someone else's head. Think About It.