On-Air Apology From Price

Dennis Potts
Dennis Potts
Larry Price
Larry Price

(KHNL) - They are Hawaii's top talk radio station. But now, it seems, that everyone is talking about the comments made on KSSK by Larry Price to Senator Gary Hooser.

Larry Price( on air) : you got blue eyes?

Hooser: yeah, does it matter?

Price: to us it does. When local people hear someone from the mainland talk about how honest something is, something's wrong.

"I personally thought the comments Larry Price made were inappropriate." says Honolulu resident, Dennis Potts.

Price apologized for those comments Monday morning.

Price: "I wanna take this time to apologize to our KSSK listeners and the people in the state of Hawaii for the inappropriate remarks that were made to Senator Hooser on Friday morning's show."

And for Price's fans, that apology over his comments is enough.

"I don't think he meant it as bad as people took it, it wasn't really the way he meant it." says Martha Skaggs, a Honolulu Resident.

But now others are weighing in on this issue,

Honolulu's Police Chief issued a statement in support of price, saying "he understood what Larry was intending to say...he knew nothing derogatory was meant."

While the President of the Senate fired off a statement calling for a better apology, "not only to Senator Hooser but to all the people of Hawaii."

Some emailers go one step further, calling for the firing of the longtime radio personality.

Here in hawaii, with its diverse mix of peoples and cultures, this issues seems to have touched a nerve with many. The comments and apology have people talking, but some feel this will only be truly resolved if its Larry Price and Senator Hooser who do the talking.

"I think Price and Hooser should speak it out, in public or behind closed doors and discuss it , put an end to it, they're both public figures, move on." says Honolulu resident, Brandon Kobashigawa.

Some who are bothered by this incident, cite other recent events , like the beating in Waikele of a caucasian couple by local men as signs that Hawaii still has an undercurrent of racism here.