Senior Shark Attack Victim Recovering

Anon Aquarian
Anon Aquarian
Mike Lozica
Mike Lozica
Keawakapu Beach
Keawakapu Beach

MAUI (KHNL) - The shark attack happened around 8am Monday morning at Keawakapu Beach. The woman was swimming about 75 feet offshore.

The victim in her 60's is shown right after the attack as by-standers try to stop the bleeding.

Late Monday afternoon she came out of surgery at Maui Memorial Hospital.

Witnesses describe the 61 year-old visitor from the East Coast as spunky. After the attack she made it to shore by herself and waited for paramedics.

Randy Wolloshuk who is visiting from Canada was among those helping the victim, "Amazingly, she was not in shock. She was explaining to people what had happened."

The shark bit her on the leg and caused a gash from her calf to her foot. Witnesses said she screamed for help but kept her composure.

Rescuer Anon Aquarian explains, "Her foot was gashed open, one end to the other, long ways and the side of her leg was gashed open. It was alarming and shocking to see the gash and she held herself so well, her emotional body was so stable."

Anon comforted the woman as they waited for the ambulance.

She rested her injured leg on his yellow exercise floats.

The victim agreed to talk to the media and share her amazing survivor story but her surgery took longer than expected and she is still recovering from the operation.

A kayaker was bumped by a shark in these waters Sunday afternoon. Monday morning officials closed a nearby beach after a paddler described a 14 foot shark that bumped his board. 45 minutes later and a mile away the visitor was bitten. If it is the same shark involved in all three incidents what could be drawing it to these waters?

Kihei resident Mike Lozica thinks he has the answer, "I snorkeled out here Sunday people were saying that there are tons of turtles out there and I think the sharks were looking for the turtles."

Now this beach is closed at least until Tuesday afternoon when fire officials will take to the air and search the shoreline making sure that suspect 14 foot shark is no where to be found.