Thieves Loading Locked Motorcycles onto Trucks and Taking Off

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Just because you lock your motorcycle or moped, don't assume it'll be there when you return. Thieves are striking homes and businesses across Oahu, and lifting locked bikes onto trucks and taking off with them.

Marcus Carrillo needs to get his moped fixed.

"It sounds like it's on and it's working," he said. "But the tire just won't move."

He borrowed his friend's moped to get to work. Over the weekend, someone stole it.

"I parked my moped at a bike stand," Carrillo said. "And next thing I know, when I came back from work, it was gone. I felt horrible, miserable, so many emotions just at once."

A lot of riders are feeling that way. Honolulu police report a recent rash of moped and motorcycle thefts.

"Two to three suspects have been known to pull up either in a truck or a van," Sgt. Kim Buffett, Crimestoppers, said. "And they're just lifting the bikes up and driving off."

For Carrillo, a Unversity of Hawaii student, it's a huge loss.

"They see a moped and they're just like trying to profit off of it," he said. "And they don't realize how important this moped is for me."

James Burmeister services mopeds and motorcycles. At times, he's called upon to repair bikes damaged by thieves.

"Sadness for the person 'cause I actually had a bike stolen a long time ago in the same scenario," he said. "And I know how that sinking feeling is when you come out and the bike is gone."

With the growing theft problem, Burmeister offers this advice to his customers.

"Use a good motorcycle-type chain, not like a bicycle chain or something like that," he said. "And lock it to something, and lock it in a well-lit, well-populated area."

If you have any information about the suspects or see suspicious behavior, call police.