Price Says Sorry, Perry Says No Need

Michael W. Perry
Michael W. Perry

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Morning drive-time radio host, Larry Price, apologizes "live on the air" for comments many have called racist. The remarks were made during an interview with Kauai State Senator Gary Hooser, who was on the radio program to talk about the 2007 legislative session. KHNL news 8 first brought you this story, after a KSSK listener called our talk story line, to complain.

Monday, Larry Price says he's sorry.

"I want to take this time to apologize to our KSSK listeners and the people in the state of Hawaii for the inappropriate remarks that were made to Senator Hooser on Friday mornings show. If my comments were offensive to anyone, I realize that it was wrong to make them. There is no room for this type of insensitive language that I used. I have learned from this and I hope that Senator Hooser will accept my apology."

But, co-host Michael Perry, says he doesn't think an apology is necessary. We spoke to him moments after price apologized.

"Listen. Listen to the whole interview, to what Larry's point was. It's the opposite from the one he's been accused of making and what this does is conveniently deflect all sorts off attention from where it should be, which is the state senate."

Perry and Price say they usually receive a lot of calls, but since Friday they've been flooded with listener reactions.