Beauty Shots Through Your Eyes

(KHNL) -  We are fortunate and blessed to live in a place where almost every day is picture perfect.   We are surrounded by beauty and that's why we're inviting you to capture some of that beauty and share it with us.

Hawaii definitely is a paradise like no other. With its perfect weather year round, there's a splendor around every corner. And we would like to see it through your eyes.

Beauty is all around us. Every where you look, there is a picturesque view waiting to be discovered. Like in these photos sent in by viewer.

Every night during KHNL News 8 at 10, our Chief Meteorologist Sharie Shima features a weather photo.

Over the years, we have featured a wide variety of beauty shots. From a colorful double rainbow off Waikiki to peaceful waterfalls in the Koolau.

And interesting weather shots, this one shows lenticular clouds over the Ka'u District on the island of Hawaii.

So whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur send your favorite beauty shot to so that we may feature it in our 10 o'clock newscast.