Fire Destroys Waialae Iki Home

Kay Kimura
Kay Kimura
Captain Terry Seelig
Captain Terry Seelig

WAIALAE IKI (KHNL) - Fire rips through a Waialae Iki house, as firefighters struggle to get it under control.

It was an inferno for nearly an hour before firefighters get the flames under control. Officials say several factors made it challenging for crews -- the material burning, the location of the house, and the weather.

The fire dances, and the smoke billows as massive streams of water try to end the show in Waialae Iki.

"Under normal circumstances, it's a wonderful view," said neighbor Kay Kimura.

Instead, the stubborn fire spoils the view, burning for 50-minutes, which feels like an eternity for the homeowners.

"There are some challenges to this fire because of the type of construction," said Capt. Terry Seelig, of the Honolulu Fire Department. "It's an a-frame with shake roof, and the lot -- it's a sloped lot, meaning, it's a difficult to get access to and getting onto the roof was next to impossible because of the shape and material."

"The flames were going above the rooftop for several feet," said Kimura. "It was pretty intense."

Firefighters use water cannons to douse the flames, but it's meaningless because the fire is still burning inside the attic, so crews can't get to the source.

"We don't want our firefighters inside when we're using our large water streams outside," said Seelig for safety reasons.

Strong winds also fan the flames, but fortunately, it doesn't spread. And firefighters get the job done.

"It's fairly congested area, and not a whole lot of room to maneuver," said Kimura. "The firefighters did a pretty good job of putting these flames out."

No one was hurt.

The fire causes $350,000 in damage. The cause is under investigation.