KSSK Apologizes for Larry Price's Comments

Larry Price
Larry Price

HONOLULU (KHNL) - An apology from radio station KSSK Saturday evening, a day after talk show host Larry Price exchanged words with Sen. Gary Hooser (D-Kauai) on air.

"Do you have blue eyes?" asked Price.

"Yeah, does it matter?" responded Sen. Hooser.

"To us it does," said Price.  "When local people hear someone from the mainland talk about how honest something is, something's wrong."

Sen. Hooser called in to the Perry and Price morning show Friday to discuss the closing of this past legislative session.  But instead, Hooser said the discussion focused on race instead of issues.

Saturday, KSSK radio general manager Chuck Cotton issued the following statement:

"Larry Price would like to apologize for the inappropriate personal comment directed to Senator Hooser during Friday morning's interview. We value the trust that our listening ohana places in us and we extend our apologies to the Senator, the residents of Hawaii and to our KSSK listeners."