Rainbow Wahine Softball Team Surges to the Top

Alana Power
Alana Power
Kate Robinson
Kate Robinson

MANOA (KHNL) - Thanks to gun slinger Colt Brennan, the Warrior football team hogs almost all the attention given to University of Hawaii athletics.

But there's another team in Manoa, theatening to steal some of that spot light.

"This team has taken care of business all year long," said Rainbow Wahine Softball Head Coach Bob Coolen, "That was our moniker, unfinished business."

2nd Baseman, Alana Power agrees.

"It's the most incredible feeling just walking around going, we keep winning, and it's fun, it is."

Heading into next week's WAC Tournament, the gals in green are living large.

45-9, ranked 14th in the country, and they've used a power attack to pretty much whack the wac.

"They've had fun along the way," said Coolen. "When you hit 79 home runs, along the way, something is going right."

One thing is for sure, you put up numbers like those, and the spotlight of attention will find you, and the Rainbow Wahine have noticed, that winning, gets you noticed.

"We didn't think going into the season that it was going to be that big of a deal," said Power. "But now people are recognizing us when we go out."

But pitcher Kate Robinson said she's okay with a little anonymity on campus.

"We do kind of go under the radar little bit," she said, "But i think we're okay with that. We don't like to be in the spotlight."

Of course, notoriety is a good thing, at home, But try having success, away from home.

"the Utah State game, people were yelling out that we were on steroids," said Robinson.

"Its really hard. Their fans are getting meaner," said Power. "I don't know if it's because we're moving up or they always felt this way and never expressed it. It's getting intense out there."

It's sure to be intense at next week's WAC Tournament, to be followed by the NCAA Tournament.

If all goes well, the Rainbow Wahine could be on the road, for a very long time.

"We're packing the costco sized shampoo and conditioner and all that stuff," said Power. "We're expecting to stay on the road for a long time."