Transcript of the Exchange Between Price and Hooser

(KHNL) - Transcription of an excerpt of the verbal exchange between radio host Larry Price and state senator Gary Hooser (D- Kauai, Niihau). Hooser was a guest on the Perry and Price morning radio show on KSSK-FM on Friday morning.

Larry Price: You keep using the word honest, Senator. Where are you from?

Gary Hooser: Where am I from?

LP: Yeah. Where were you born and raised?

GH: I was born in California; I graduated from Radford High School.

LP: You got blue eyes?

GH: I do. Does that matter?

LP: To us it does, because when local people hear somebody from the mainland talk about how honest everything is, it means that something's wrong. You know when they say frankly or honestly we did a lot of things, and stuff like that, it sounds very suspicious.

GH: You know I don't really appreciate the reference to where I'm from, from California or my blue eyes Mr. Price.

LP: Well I don't care what you think.

GH: Well, I just think were all treated equally, were all good people here in the islands. We don't need to start drawing lines about where people are coming from...

LP: I let you talk all this time, I interrupted you. I heard you on the floor of the Senate tell Senator Hemmings that he shouldn't say anything about Kauai or anything that's going on there because he's not from Kauai. We could turn around and say the same thing about you.

GH: I told Senator Hemmings he should not criticize rural hospitals because he doesn't use rural hospitals.

LP: You told him because he wasn't from Kauai and he didn't know what was going on there. We could say the same thing about you. You don't know what is going on here.

GH: I'll let that comment pass, Mr. Price.

Michael Perry: That really means something.

LP: Actually, you won our funniest legislator of the year award after your little presentation in the Peter Young execution when you said you like Peter, you visit with him all the time, you think he's a good guy, but that's not enough. I mean that was hilarious. You said that with a straight face.