Questions Remain After School Evacuation

Kanoelani Garcia
Kanoelani Garcia
Billy Kemper
Billy Kemper

KAHUKU (KHNL)- Unanswered questions remain regarding the evacuation of an Oahu school.

On Thursday, students at Kahuku High and Intermediate on the North Shore fell ill, after fumes traveled through campus.

Parents and students say they're still confused about the incident.

Kanoelani Garcia's 12-year-old daugher, Mahina, is back to normal despite feeling sick.

"When the incident happened, she started to feel a little bit nauseated. Sore stomach, so they sent her to the health room right away," said Garcia.

She said faculty members were very concerned. But like others, she's still confused as to what happened. Education officials say they're pretty certain the fumes came from a nearby sod farm, Ameri-Turf. But manager Andrew Gon says workers didn't spray any pesticide Thursday afternoon.

At this point, company officials aren't admitting or denying the fumes came from the farm. They're still trying to figure that out.

Agriculture inspectors visited the farm to try to the find source of the smell.

"I never smelled anything like that," said Billy Kemper, student.

He saw a lot of sick classmates. He feels faculty members could've done a better job.

"There was only one health room teacher, she can't help all these kids," said Kemper.

Education officials say the staff did the right thing by moving half of the student body onto the athletic field and by cancelling classes.

Monday is a teacher workday so there's no school. Classes are expected to resume Tuesday.