Hot Box

The State of Hawaii is spending $23,000 to make sure that the hottest public schools get first dibs on air conditioning.  Boy, I would hate to be there when one school gets put on the waiting list because it's only 84.3 degrees inside, instead of the 84.5 degrees it takes to make the magic list.  I sure hope the thermometers are accurate and the tests are all done around 1pm.

Let's be real, we need immediate answers to sauna-like classrooms if we expect to teach the kids anything beyond weight loss on a regular basis.  No child left behind?  How about no child melting?  Seriously, how about some public-private entrepreneurial ideas like solar ceiling fans or a donation of fans, or how about some creative fundraisers, sad as it may be, like they did at Kalaheo High School.  And I think it was just a year or so ago that a Kalaheo teacher held a fundraiser to get enough books for the students in her class.

Public school is really a year-round issue throughout most of Hawaii, so this heat issue is not about to let up.  Find the funds for fans, if the wildly expensive air conditioning plans simply can't be done.  Unlike mass transit and a few other forever projects, this sad situation cannot be put on the back burner; it's on the front burner every day in Ewa, Campbell, Kihei, Kailua, etc.  Think About It.