Lawmakers Wrap Up Session With Potential Savings At The Pump

Jubilee Watkins
Jubilee Watkins
Ernie Ariola
Ernie Ariola

(KHNL) - Lawmakers wrapped up the 2007 session with news that could save us all some money.They passed a bill relating to the sale of gasoline and it could soon bring the cost of gas down.

The bill, which still needs to be approved by the Governor, would exempt ethanol-based fuel from the general excise tax.

That would translate to savings of at least 10 cents a gallon, which would then be passed on to the consumer.

Retailers who violate the proposed law could face a stiff fine of 100-thousand dollars.

The Governor has said that she supports the bill. If approved, it could take effect as soon as July 1st.

Driver Jubilee Watkins welcomes the news, "I would imagine they are working hard to do what they do and it's great they accomplished something."

Ernie Ariola is another gas consumer, "I am thanking them. It's about time they did that and I thank them very much."

With gas prices well above the three dollar a gallon mark on Oahu, and even higher on the neighbor islands, consumers are happy to catch any break at the pumps.

Watkins explains, "I bought almost 40 dollars worth of gas so I would have save four dollars."

Ariola comments, "Any type of gas relief would be welcome cuz I've been putting in gas 2-3 times per week and gas prices have really been high but now that we are going to get tax break really glad over that."

And there drivers like Ariola who already know what they'll do with the extra cash, "I could buy a plate lunch at work, buy a plate lunch. That is a lot for me, four dollars is a lot."

Watkins adds, "That's significant yeah I guess I could have bought a coffee at Starbucks."