Halawa Bridge Project Update

HALAWA (KHNL) - Some people who live and work near Pearl Harbor say their patience is wearing thin.

That's because a state project on Kamehameha Highway has been on hold for a year.

We learned about the Halawa Bridge Project through our "talk story" segment.

People who pass by it everyday, have questions.

"What they're building, if it's a bridge," said Yolanda Fumai, Halawa resident.

In July 2005, crews began working here to replace the aging Halawa Bridge. They built a temporary, detour bridge. But a year ago, they stopped working.

"I actually haven't seen anyone," said Dawn Burcena, driver.

Crews discovered a major utility line underground which wasn't on the maps. They didn't know who it belonged to. But they later learned it's owned by the military.

Transportation officials say it took awhile for them to find the owner and for the military to move the line. They plan to restart this project later this month. People say they can't wait.

"Because it's not really a nice sight, you know what I mean? It's right in front of Arizona Memorial," said Burcena.

They also say it's not safe.

"Actually a couple months ago I saw an accident happen right there," said Burcena.

Crews will continue working here through the end of the year and shift traffic over to the new bridge in January.