Volunteers Keep Kaneohe Bay Treasure Alive

Ka'ohua Lucas
Ka'ohua Lucas
Fred Takebayashi
Fred Takebayashi

By Marvin Buenconsejo

KANEOHE (KHNL) - It is a hidden, watery treasure on Oahu's windward side that holds great historical significance.

Volunteers, help maintain the rare Waikalua Loko fishpond, reviving the natural resource as their "Random Act of Kindness."

They work the land to keep this lush pond accessible -- one rock at a time.

Visitors can now see, and enjoy, the 12-acre Waikalua Loko pond.

But, that wasn't always the case.

These keepers of the pond spent years clearing away wild mangrove.

Imagine, during their heyday, there were 40 fishponds in the Kaneohe area.

''Most of them have been filled in," explains Ka'ohua Lucas, of the Waikalua Loko Fishpond Preservation Society. ''Now, there's only five at different stages of refurbishment with different groups taking care of the fish pond. So, I think it's extremely important for all of us who are involved in fish pond restoration to be able to malama it and take care of it."}

Now, the pond is back.

The fish are back.

And, so are those wanting to learn more about this ancient Hawaiian resource.

Thousands of students visit the Waikalua Loko, each year.

''We're making it available to them so they can learn math, science, language arts in an outdoor world," says Lucas. "So, for us it's very important to save our fishpond."

''I had so good memories of my kid days and I really want the students and young kids to enjoy the same kind of feeling that I had and that's important to me," adds volunteer Fred Takebayashi."