Former U.H. Running Back Now A Recognized Local Artist

(KHNL) - Afatia Thompson was known to have smooth moves on the football field.

Now he's sounding smooth in the recording booth as the former U.H. football star looks to storm the local music scene.

This is how Warrior Football fans may best remember former U.H. running back, Afatia Thompson.

But this is how they know him now.

"I do get teased a lot by my ex-teammates who say, "Wow man you trying to be all sexy."

since his playing days, Thompson's traded slick moves on the field, for slicker moves on stage as he embarks on his new career as a solo recording artist.

"Making the music is the easy part, the fun part. The hard part is everything that comes after that the advertising the promotions, but i enjoy it, I can't complain. I'm very fortunate to say my job is doing something I really love."

Thompson's debut album is entitled, Afatia 5-54.

He says, there's a message in that title.

"It goes back to my playing days, my number was five and I had an older brother that passed away, his number was 54. And so its in relation to time, game time was 5-54. Its not only in remembrance of him but to say its my time as an artist."

And for afatia, so far so good.

At last month's Hawaii music awards, Thompson was a winner in the hip hop category.

And he is a 2007 Na Hoku Hanohano award finalist.