Human Remains Uncovered At A Site In Honolulu

Paulette Kaleikini
Paulette Kaleikini

(KHNL) - Several native Hawaiian groups are in shock tonight, after construction was allowed to continue at a site in Honolulu even after nearly 50 human remains were uncovered there.

Seven months ago, the Oahu burial council learned of eleven human remains uncovered in the Ward Village Shops area.

By a narrow vote of six to four, the council authorized the relocation of the remains. But several Hawaiian groups say, if the council had known there were another 36 remains burried in the same area, the council would have asked for the construction to stop.

Edward Halealoha Ayau of Hui Malama I Na Kupuna O Hawaii Nei says, "Fifteen years ago at a place called Honokahua on Maui, Hawaiians protested and occuppied the site. The State of Hawaii said, stop protesting Hawaiians, and become a part of the process. Change the laws, change the administrative regulations. We did that, but nothing's changed. Something is seriously wrong with the process."

Adrian Keohokalole is a native hawaiian and works as a heavy equipment operator at the construction site. He says, haulting construction there, will leave many workers out of a job.

He says, the burial sites are being relocated, and he believes that is the best solution.