Kapolei Man Accused of Going On-Line for Child Sex

David Lopez
David Lopez

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Electronic enticement. It's a crime many parents are concerned about.

Hawaii law enforcement agents are venturing into cyberspace to catch internet predators. Their actions Tuesday may have saved a young girl.

Plain-clothes officers swarm a suspect in front of on-lookers at Kakaako Waterfront Park.

"I saw a bunch of guys by there, by the car parked there," Anne Jambaro, witness, said. "And I kind of like, oh no, another drug bust."

No, not a drug bust, but a takedown of a man accused of soliciting sex from a child on-line.

"Luckily, there weren't actually a girl or a boy that actually got kidnapped or taken, and they could have got hurt," Jambaro, a grandmother of five, said.

Fifty-four-year-old Daryl Lee is escorted into the main police cellblock. Sources say the Kapolei man started a cyber relationship with a 14-year-old girl, and arranged to meet her at Kakaako Waterfront Park.

But surprise! The teen was actually an undercover law enforcement agent.

"I just can't believe it," David Lopez, suspect's neighbor, said.

Lopez has been Lee's next-door neighbor on Halahinano Street for seven years. He says the suspect is a husband and father.

"He's the kind of guy that just come over and he'll help you do whatever that needs to be done," he said.

People who work at a business complex in Aiea say Lee is an accountant.

Back at the park, authorities seize the suspected predator's car. Parents we talked to say they're happy about the on-line crackdown.

"I would like them to police up the internet 'cause it's, I mean, it's just rampant right now the way things are," Lopez said. "But it's just hard to swallow, you know, that your own neighbor could be caught in one of these stings."

Lee remains in police custody. He hasn't been charged.