Burglars Target Local Mom and Pop Store

Thoc Thi Doan
Thoc Thi Doan

LILIHA (KHNL) - A local mom and pop store could soon go out of business, thanks to burglars. Owners of Bob's Market in Liliha contacted our "Talk Story" line

"Here's your change. Fifteen and twenty," said Thoc Thi Doan, the owner of Bob's Market in Liliha.

"Thanks a lot," a customer responded as she grabbed her grocery bags.

"Thank you," said Doan with a smile.

Bob's Market is the quintessential mom and pop store. This Liliha business is known for fresh produce and friendly service.

"I feel like there's real quality coming here," said Allyn Bromley, a regular customer who shops at the store twice a week. "There's also a quality experience."

But recently, burglars have targeted the store, hitting it three times just in the past month.

"It's like waking up every morning wondering if the store is going to be broken into when we come here," said Janice Nguyen, who helps her parents run the store. "It's that fear every morning."

So each time, the owners have taken a loss. And each time, they've had to board up their damaged store. It's come to a point where it's affecting their business.

"If they keep coming, taking like this. I don't know how I can cover," said Doan.

"It makes us almost feel like we should be giving up," said Nguyen.

Regular customers are concerned.

"People who work as hard as these people do for so many hours, they should not be victimized," said Bromley.

Burglars have also hit other stores and restaurants on this block. Owners of Bob's Market hope for increased police presence.

"Maybe they have more patrol officers out here," said Nguyen. "It usually happens for us later evenings."

They hope for community support so they can stay in business.

Store owners said they can't afford a high tech alarm system because they barely make enough to cover their bills.

Police said they have solid leads in the burglary investigation.