Muddy Waters

Great news, though I must admit I'm about three weeks late on it.  The State of Hawaii and the City of Honolulu have finally agreed to share responsibility on the restoration and management of Kawai Nui Marsh in Kailua.  I may be late to tell you the news, but since it took 17-years to get this decision made, I hope I can be forgiven.

How can two government entities take 17-years to make a decision?  How can a threatened parcel of wetlands, an ancient fishpond that is home to endangered birds and cultural sites, be left on the side of the road for so long?  After the floods of 1988, the marsh's levee was raised, but a transfer of control never took place.  Many, many people from the community have stuck with this project, waiting patiently, obviously, which you have to be if you're gonna wait 17 years!

Restoration and other marsh projects can now move forward, with support from Senator Inouye and many others.  But that 17-year thing, that defies logic, common sense, and certainly good government.  Someone born at the time of the last flood at Kawai Nui will graduate high school this spring, and this agreement might just finally get done.  Yes, we are thankful that the wheels of democracy have finally moved forward here.  But there can be no justifiable red tape, bureaucratic, pass-the-buck, too-busy excuses for why this resolution took 17-years.  And you thought the marsh had muddy waters.  Think About It.