City Deputy Directors Ask Lawmakers Not to Override Bill

HONOLULU (KHNL)  City and County Deputy Directors from around the state are trying to persuade lawmakers not to override a bill already signed by the Governor.

The bill allows labor unions to negotiate management rights to move workers as needed.

Managers from various city and county agencies are among the crowd of demonstrators here for one specific reason. They want to send a message to the state legislature to not override Senate Bill 1642.

"Senate Bill 1642 has been referred to as a management rights bill, we as managers of the city and county of Honolulu view Senate Bill 1642 as an essential workers bill," said Jeff Coelho of The Department of Customer Services.

The Department of Enterprise Services manages municipal golf courses on Oahu, the Blaisdell Center and Honolulu Zoo. In case of a natural disaster, the Blaisdel would be used as an emergency shelter which requires managers to bring in extra workers on a rotating 24-hour basis.

"This bill, if enacted would certainly hamper our ability to provide these essential services at a time we have a natural disaster," said Sid Quintal of The Department of Enterprise Services.

Some on the other side feel that without this law directors will have the right to relocate city employees from one island to another.

"I challenge any lawmaker, i challenge any union representative to show documented evidence that in the 30-years that the existing bill has been in the law books that that has ever happened," said Jeff Coelho.

Last Wednesday Public Safety managers also rallied against the bill saying they need freedom to protect citizens, by moving public employees around as they see fit.

The municipal managers say lawmakers are impressed with the number of high level officials city and county governments have sent to explain their individual problems.

They're cautiously optimistic that the veto of the bill won't be over ridden. Lawmakers have until Thursday to override the bill.