Confusing City Signs at Popular Diamond Head Beach

Kevin Mulkern
Kevin Mulkern

Hundreds of tourists and locals alike ignore City warning signs at one of the island's most popular beaches.

Neighbor Kevin Mulkern points out signs he finds baffling. Warning signs prohibit people from using the only paved access.

Diamond Head Beach is one of the most scenic stretches of Oahu coastline. But you may be at risk trying to get closer to the water.

This sign says danger! Area closed. Do not go beyond this sign.

Kevin Mulkern says, "The fact is the city is essentially making it illegal for the public to use the access to the beach. They posted signs saying area closed, access closed, do not go beyond this point. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me because this is the safest way down to Diamond Head Beach."

Unfortunately it doesn't leave hundreds of surfers and beach goers much of an option. Signs say, "hazardous conditions" don't go beyond this point.

But are surfers and swimmers really in danger? Mulkern adds, "I think the City is worried about being sued but it is the safest way to the beach. It's paved, there are guard rails, showers and drinking fountains."

This couple from Florida says they don't see the danger. Steve Marler wonders, "It says do not go beyond this point, Hazardous. KHNL's Beth Hillyer asks, "Are you going to continue on or stop?" Marler answers, "Continue on. It's very open, not gated or anything pretty open."

They follow the surfers down to the beach.

The City and County of Honolulu was not available to explain the signs.