Ewa Beach Man Killed in Car Crash

Rachel Tibunsay
Rachel Tibunsay

MILILANI (KHNL) - Oahu roads claim the life of a young man.

A 22-year old from Ewa Beach dies in an early morning car crash near Mililani.

A small memorial marks the spot of Oahu's latest traffic death. Honolulu police say the 22-year old man is the 30th victim on our roads this year. But to friends, he is so much more than just a number.

"He's easy to get along with," said Rachel Tibunsay, friend of the victim, identified by friends as Gerald Saramosing. "He's just a really nice, cool guy to hang around with."

Police say around 3:30 in the morning, the speeding SUV lost control, spun, and crashed into a tree. It burst into flames, trapping the driver inside. He died at the scene.

"I couldn't believe it," said Tibunsay. "It's just really unbelievable because it's just one of our friends you know, you just didn't think it would happen."

And now, family and friends must cope with this sudden loss.

"Everyone's keeping strong, but it's really hard," said Tibunsay. "We're trying to help each other out, cope through everything."

Friends stop by the crash site, leaving flowers, hanging a "g" on the burned tree, and picking up the pieces of the SUV; all for another young life that ends in tragedy.

"He'll be greatly missed," said Tibunsay. "He's just a great person so he'll be very very missed by everyone."

Police do not know if alcohol or drugs were factors in the crash.