Electronic Speed Sign Destroyed in Waimanalo

Susan Hummel
Susan Hummel

WAIMANALO (KHNL)- They were put up to protect kids and now someone has put lives at risk. In Waimanalo one of two electronic speed warning signs in a school zone was recently destroyed by gunshots.

It's still not clear why anyone would want to shoot and destroy an electronic speed sign.

"My initial reaction was why? Why would someone want to destroy something that's put there for the safety of our, I felt it was for the safety of Waimanalo School," said Waimanalo School Principal Susan Hummel.

Up and running since August of 2006, these two signs were put up as part of a pilot program. They'd been a noticeable success until this happened.

"It's a nice reminder that we should be going 25 miles an hour in this zone and people definitely slowed down when they see that sign operating." said Hummel.

The shots were strong enough to penetrate the sign, making this more serious than just a prank.

"I think it was a rather expensive one and foolish, someone could have definitely been hurt. My understanding is that it was an actual gun used to destroy the sign," said Hummel.

With the sign temporarily out of commission; a reminder to continue driving at a safe speeds

"We are going to have to obviously put it in a parent announcement, a flyer just advising them that particular sign is no longer operational right now," said Hummel.

This sign is scheduled to be repaired, we just don't know when.

The State Department of Transportation has filed a police report. It's not known how much it will cost to fix the sign. Both had an original price tag of 25-thousand dollars.