Teachers' Union Contract Results Not In Yet

Roger Takabayashi
Roger Takabayashi

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Too close to call! For the first time, the teachers' union needs to rely on absentee ballots to know if a new contract was ratified or not.

13,000 public school teachers are affected by the contract. The teachers are apparently hung up on the random drug testing portion of the proposal. We'll know the results Wednesday evening. If it is not ratified, the union says it will ask the governor to keep the pay package, but remove the drug testing stipulation of the proposal.

Senator Clayton Hee (D) says he is still planning to push a bill for drug testing in public school teachers, if it doesn't appear in the union contract. "There should be drug testing for teachers, and I says that as a former teacher."

Hawaii State Teachers Association says it would be ok with them. "In this past contract, we already wrote reasonable suspicion language," says Takabayashi.

It's too late this session to push a drug testing bill through the capitol. As far as the contract goes, if the teachers don't ratify it, it's back to square one for the negotiators.