Kalihi Man Arrested on Suspicion of Japanese Visitor's Murder

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A Kalihi man is under arrest in connection with the disappearance of a Japanese visitor. As we first reported on KHNL News 8 at 5, Honolulu police on Thursday arrested 22-year-old Kirk Lankford of Kalihi on suspicion of murder.

Unfortunately for the missing woman's family, that means investigators believe she was killed.

Twenty-one-year-old Masumi Watanabe of Japan went for a walk in Pupukea April 12th, and then vanished. Officers and their specially-trained dogs have been searching for her ever since.

The suspect is a Hauoli Pest Control employee who, witnesses say, was in Pupukea at the time of Watanabe's disappearance. Last week, investigators seized his personal truck and his work truck, and found a pair of glasses they believe belonged to the young woman.

Again, the missing persons case is now a homicide. The search for the woman continues.