Cleanup to Continue at Oahu Parks

HONOLULU (KHNL) - After being closed for cleanup and maintenance work, a popular Oahu park is now open.

Ala Moana Beach Park just reopened this afternoon, after being closed for two days.

"We come up with this concept of trying to go in there, kinda like you do your house, and do a renovation," said Lester Chang, Honolulu parks director.

Crews worked on a bunch of things at the popular Oahu park. People say they've noticed.

"Mulching the trees a lot and keeping the grass kept," said Colin Takashima, park user.

Crews trimmed trees, fixed potholes and repaired benches. It's part of the city's "Just in Time" maintenance program. Last year, the city shut down the park for three days.

"We pulled our people on certain times, focused on the chosen park or location and we'd all go in there and do A to Z," said Chang.

The Mayor says what's been done there, needs to be replicated in other areas. So the city will clean up Thomas Square as well as other parks on the North Shore.

No word yet on which parks will be cleaned on that side of the island. But the Mayor says they plan to do on the North Shore, what they did on the Waianae Coast. They'll begin that in two months. It's all part of the city's ongoing efforts to polish these parks.