Kalihi Business Shares Ideas To Improve Community

KALIHI (KHNL) - Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann held an economic summit Thursday afternoon at Farrington High School in Kalihi. The goal is to revitalize the neighborhood by strengthening the partnership between public and private sectors.

As the mayor shares his ideas, employees at Lex Brodie tire company have advice of their own, on how to improve Kalihi.

This is the sound of a thriving business in Kalihi. Lex Brodie opened this shop eight years ago.

"It's great. I love being in Kalihi," said Lilo Taliese, an assistant manager at the company. "I live in Aiea, but I'd rather work here."

Customers say there's a reason they keep coming back.

"Every time I come here, we get prompt service and the service is satisfactory," said Rodney Kawelo, a repeat customer.

As cars keep coming in, the shop's employees keep busy.

They service 30 to 40 cars daily which means they change up to a 160 tires every day. }

As the mayor talks about ways to revitalize Kalihi, folks here have their own ideas.

"For families, they probably need a nice park, a big park," said Taliese. "For us that work after five, we're not going to have anything after five. We need some entertainment; maybe a big theater or something."

Taliese can relate to Mayor Hannemann. They're both from American Samoa and have ties to Kalihi. Taliese's glad the mayor is paying attention to his neighborhood.

"For what I'm doing for the people, too, with service and stuff like that," said Taliese. "Hopefully I'm doing the same. Just like what the mayor is offering for the people of Hawaii."

And with this economic summit, city leaders look to offer a better quality of life for the people who live and work in Kalihi.

This is part of a "Kalihi Pride" series which will continue for the next several months. The mayor says it's a way of honoring one of Oahu's oldest neighborhoods.