Roosevelt Sophomore Walks on for Life Foundation

Jolene Carmichael
Jolene Carmichael
Melanie Moore
Melanie Moore
Jolene walks in memory of her uncles
Jolene walks in memory of her uncles

By Marvin Buenconsejo

HONOLULU (KHNL) - This week, we meet an amazing high school sophomore who has spent the past decade (that's right, decade) raising money for the AIDS awareness organization, The Life Foundation.

In all, Jolene Carmichael, has raised more than $10,000 for AIDS/HIV research and education programs as her "Random Act of Kindness."

Each year, at about this time, the Roosevelt high school sophomore sends a strong message.

And, she lets her feet do the talking.

"I started because my uncle Jim and uncle Day had AIDS," explains Carmichael. "So, I wanted to help people with AIDS. And I think it's a good way to serve God."

Both uncles died, just as Carmichael learned how to walk.

But, at the ripe young age of five, she began her life's trek to help those who contracted the deadly disease.

Without fail, Carmichael and her family head to Kapiolani park for the annual "Life Foundation AIDS Walk."

She has since become a charity walk staple.

"So inspirational," says Life Foundation director of communications, Melanie Moore. "She sort of represents the AIDS Walk for our organization. Each year, everyone says, Jolene's coming down, right? She gets her fundraising letter out, it's great to see her grow every year. It's really fun."

Some 3000 people in Hawaii live with AIDS, or HIV.

The disease doesn't grab headlines, like it did a couple of decades ago.

But, Carmichael emphasizes, it's no less important.

"Every little bit helps. It's for a good cause. So, it makes a big a difference and the people with AIDS really appreciate."

Jolene Carmichael -- walking the talk.